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When it comes to interior painting, exterior painting, Bellingham Interior Painters  has you covered. From repairing holes in drywall, prepping for interior painting, to pressure washing house for an exterior paint job, we have the answers to your questions!


General Questions

No. Bellingham Interior Painters will take care of procuring all the materials needed to complete your painting project. It will be included and itemized in the estimate. Our Bellingham painting contractors will take care of everything. We do this for a living, every day. We have relationships with the local painting vendors because of the amount of paint we purchase. We usually have the best available price but your the boss, we will work with whatever your comfortable with. 

 We take every precaution to protect the environment in our actions. The majority of all paints are incredibly low VOC already, however VOC free options are available.

A good painting contractor will always apply two coats, that should be spelled out in the estimate. There are times where more or less coats are necessary. That should be discussed prior to starting the painting project with your painting contractor.

We primarily use Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. If there is a painting product by another manufacturer that you would rather use we are open to your suggestions. 

The longevity of the painting service depends on the type of paint you purchase. Not all paints are created equal. Also the location and weather play a role. Our experts will assess the situation and recommend the best available option for protection and longevity. 

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Services Info

This depends on the size of the job. An interior paint job of a bedroom will take two days. We try to keep our disruption to a minimum, cleaning up everyday. If we are doing and entire interior paint job, we will work room by room to keep the disruption to a minimum. In most cases prepare not use that room for a two days. 


We stand behind our services %100. We put you the customer first from start to finish. Our track record of supplying quality painting services speaks for itself. Bellingham Interior Painters strive to make sure your %100 satisfied with experience and final product. 


For interior painting you can help by removing all pictures off the walls. Remove small items from book shelve and dresser. We will take care of all the heavy lifting, moving into the center of the room so we can cover it and keep it protected. 

For exterior painting , moving items off your patio and away from the house would help. Don’t worry if you cant , we will take care of it for you. 

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Have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact one of ours expert painting contractors. With over a decade of experience, Bellingham Interior Painters will have the knowledge and experience to answer your questions. Call Today!