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Exterior painting Bellingham WA. Bellingham Exterior painting is one the most important services we offer for you home or business. The exterior paint job is your first impression that your guests or clients receive. Call today for free quote!

exterior painting contractors bellingham

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The weather in Northwest can be brutal as we all know. Protecting your biggest investment with Bellingham exterior painting services should be at the top of list. Having your home exterior painting can do just that. At Bellingham Interior Painters, we specialize in exterior house painting. We provide expert craftsmanship with quality materials. Protecting your investment for years to come. We are Bellinghams best exterior painting contractors

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exterior house painting bellingham

  • Bellingham exterior house painting is essential aspect to your home here in Bellingham WA. Our licensed and bonded Bellingham painting contractors specialize in exterior painting. Our process includes complete examination of the exterior of your home. We provide inspection of all aspects of the exterior of home including gutter systems, windows, and siding. We offer repairs services for any items we find so we may completely protect your biggest investment. With years of experience Bellingham Interior painting has a proven track record. Our process is as follows.
  • Hassle free Estimate: Before the painting even starts, we start with effective communication with you and a complete walk thru. We do a complete exterior home inspection and offer a complete hassle free quote. 
  • Cleaning the Exterior: All surfaces are then cleaned and prepped for painting. To ensure all the dirt, grime, moss, and any debris are removed. We pressure wash the entire exterior of your home. We can even do you patios and walkways if you want. 
  • Exterior Surface Preparation: After effective cleaning, we remove any chipped paint by gently sanding and prepping the surface. All caulked joints are inspected, removed, and caulked to ensure proper protection of homes exterior. 
  • Exterior Painting: At Bellingham exterior painting, we take the time to cover all windows, roof, and any objects that we dont want paint on. Areas then are primed and ready for painting. We us top quality paint to provide the best finish and longest lasting protection for you homes exterior. Leaving you with an exceptional exterior paint job. 
  • Cleaning Up: We don’t like a mess and neither do you. Bellingham Interior painters pride ourselves in keeping a clean painting project. We clean up daily, so you don’t have equipment and material laying around. At the end of the Bellingham painting project, we remove all trash, paint chips, tape, and plastics. We take everything. Leaving you nothing to do but enjoy your fresh exterior paint.
  • Inspection: Our number one priority is you the customer. Once the painting project is completed, we do a complete inspection with the customer to make sure everything is %100 satisfactory. Something not to your liking? Just speak up and we will take care of it. 

exterior painting contractors bellingham

Need exterior painting near me? Bellingham Interior Painters specialize in exterior painting Bellingham services. Don’t hesitate. Call Today.